Receiving an award

I received an award for one of my portraits and haven't even shared it yet. I decided to enter the Children category in the Rise Photography awards in 2020. I was so excited and couldn't wait for the results to be published in late October. After my experience I aim to enter again in 2021 . Now about the image I entered. In the eyes and world of a child so much can be seen and captured. Capturing this portrait was simple and showcases 3 of the things I love, Children, Simplicity and a timeless Black and White portrait.

As a photographer I treasure portraits and know that it's a keepsake that you can share with not only your child but with family and friends in years to come, sharing lots of family stories about what they where like at a certain age and having an image to see is priceless. Beside a memory a captured image are the only thing we have to show of a life lived. So capture those important milestones and family portraits but most of all treasure those you love.

If you are interested in capturing a special portrait for you child or family let me know on my contact page or if you would just like to have a chat about an idea lets meet up.

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